Responsible Gaming at 1Win

Placing bets on sporting events or partaking in casino-style gambling is a source of entertainment, not a path to addiction. Gaming should be something that provides you with relaxation, fun, and a chance to experience the thrill of a win.

However, some players take it a step further by developing compulsive gambling habits. Read on to learn about 1Win’s responsible gaming policy and how it can help you learn to avoid becoming addicted.

Responsible play at 1Win online casino
Rules to Prevent Gambling Addiction

Main Rules You Should Always Remember

Our website is committed to providing a safe gambling environment for its players. In conjunction with addiction experts, we have come up with the following rules that should be followed in order to thwart any gambling addiction:

  • Gambling is merely a hobby and not a means to make money, therefore you must never abandon your sense of reason;
  • If you end up losing, you should not make an effort to promptly get it all back since you’ll always have an opportunity to win later on;
  • You may only begin betting on the stipulation that you will spend no more than you are willing to lose;
  • Always keep track of the quantity of time and funds spent on betting;
  • Gambling is governed by the law of probability, there are no “formulas” or “systems” that can ensure success;
  • Desire to play must stem solely from oneself;
  • Gambling is a hobby and not a means to pay off debts;
  • Always be mindful of how much finances you invest in this hobby;
  • When playing, you must fully comprehend the game’s rules.

10 Questions to Identify the Problem

If you are having doubts as to whether or not you have a gambling problem, please see the below list of questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you engage in serious, constant, and compulsive sports betting?
  • Does the sum of your wagers increase consistently?
  • Do you take out loans for sports betting?
  • Do you typically engage longer than originally intended?
  • Do your repeated visits to the sportsbook harm your public image?
  • If you’re incapable of indulging in gambling, does it lead to irritation or frustration?
  • Do you engage in gambling as a means of evading problems?
  • Do you frequently need to regain the money lost?
  • Did you unsuccessfully attempt to limit your betting and hours spent at a gambling establishment?
  • Did you inform your family about your passion for sports betting?

In the event you gave an affirmative answer to 5 or more questions from the list above, it is likely that you do have a gambling problem.

Questions to ask to identify gambling addiction

Self-Exclusion Function

The self-exclusion function is an important piece of our responsible gaming policy. The term refers to the player’s own individual aspiration to restrict access to 1Win India. You may get in touch with the customer support staff on the site or 1Win mobile app and request that they temporarily suspend your account.

You are the only one allowed to choose the maximum amount of time that your account will be dormant. If it is just a temporary arrangement, you will have the option to reverse the restriction. If the suspension is indefinite, you won’t be able to access your account again.

Organizations that help gamblers with addiction

Services for Help

Our site’s “Responsible Gaming” section provides links to three organizations that encourage responsible gaming and are perpetually ready to assist gamers who are struggling with an addiction. Get in touch with one of the following organizations if you are having problems related to sportsbetting, or if you are worried that you could develop such problems in the future:

  • Gambling Therapy;
  • GamCare;
  • Gamblers Anonymous.

1Win support staff can always refer you to other agencies and give supplemental advice if necessary. If you’d like to know more about the services and other help that our site offers, please feel free to get in touch.