Privacy Policy for India Players

All of our active Indian bettors should be aware that our parent company safeguards their personalized information. Your personally identifiable data is safeguarded by MFI Investments Limited. This disclosure statement indicates what information we store concerning you whenever you use our web site, why we accumulate the information, and how we make use of it.

Our firm is fully devoted to protecting the privacy of all customers. Our standards and practices meet or exceed those of industry and regulatory requirements.

1Win privacy policy - information for residents of India
1 WIn Data Retrieved

How and Which Data is Retrieved

We gather and subsequently review your Personal Data whenever you browse our web site, mobile 1Win betting app or turn to any of our Services. The key categories below broadly describe how we obtain it:

  • Info provided in a direct fashion. When you access or use certain sections of our Websites or Services, we may request that you provide us with Private Details. For instance, we request your contact details or documentation upon registering, throughout authentication, etc.
  • Info provided in an automatic fashion. When you visit our Websites or use our Services, we automatically collect certain additional data concerning you, such as your IP address, OS version, device type and configurations, browser version and configurations, error logs, system activity, the date, time, and source URL.
  • Info amassed in different ways. Cookies, as well as comparable monitoring technologies, and 3rd party applications such as Google Analytics, are used to collect a subset of the whole data. We also gather data concerning the transactions you conduct with us and the activity on your account.
  • Info amassed by third parties. Occasionally, we may gather personally identifiable information concerning you from other resources, such as publicly released materials or reputable 3rd parties such as our payment processors. We are using this intel to augment the Personal Data we store. It is done to better explain, customize, and broaden our Services, and to corroborate the Private Data you supply.

How We Make Use of Private Data

Your personal data is used to:

  • To run our Websites, guarantee they function properly, and provide requested services;
  • To verify your age, residence, identity, and self-exclusion status and open up and manage your betting account;
  • To execute legal duties, responsibilities, and obligations, comply with applicable laws and regulations and our gaming license terms, and prevent criminal actions;
  • To help with operational, financial, or other Websites or Services concerns;
  • To improve our sites and services, test and create new features, and do technical analysis;
  • To deter, identify, and report a crime, safeguard you, other users, and us by maintaining network and data security;
  • To analyze and aggregate data, compile statistics, and provide consolidated and anonymized analytics and reporting for internal or external usage;
  • Coordinate, monitor, and validate monetary operations.

Additional use cases (5+) can be discovered on our web site.

1Win Use Private Data
1Win about disclosure of information

How We Disclose Your Unique Information

We will sometimes divulge your Private Data to other outside entities. We share Personal Info with:

  • Other businesses in our company group;
  • 3rd party service providers and associates who aid us in providing requested services;
  • Regulators, law enforcement officials, governmental agencies, legislative bodies, fraud control agencies, certification bodies, etc.;
  • Affiliates and other referrals;
  • Other entities/persons (with your permission).


We secure person-related info using technological and organizational means, which would include:

  • Encrypted data. Transport Layer Security, TLS for short, encrypts all traffic here between, safeguarding your banking and personal information. Our servers store and transport your data securely.
  • Restricted access. We only allow our staff, consultants, and agents to handle personal data.
  • Network security. Firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and network isolation secure our environment. Industry best standards are employed during the setup, monitoring, and management of our security services. We defend our network with the help of sector-leading security firms.
  • Datacenter security. Enterprise-level hosting infrastructure shields our systems from direct access. Continuous observation, on-site security, and frequent vulnerability assessments are some of the measures used.
  • Constant security observation. To detect and handle threats, our dedicated team monitors cybersecurity systems, application logs, notifications, and alerts from across all frameworks.
1Win protects user information
1Win India user rights

Your Rights

You have certain privileges with respect to your Personal Data. Every 1Win India user can:

  • Find out what personal data we have;
  • Rectify or request that we rectify erroneous data points pertaining to you;
  • Retrieve and request an e-copy of your Personal Data in a computer-ready format;
  • Oppose our handling of your Private Information;
  • Request that we take down the person-related data, along with deactivating your profile (only in certain situations);
  • Demand that we limit the usage of your Personal Data under certain specific conditions;
  • Request that we stop sending you marketing e-mails;
  • Revoke consent previously provided where consent was required for processing personally identifiable information;
  • Lodge a complaint with your local data protection agency.

Be aware that not every one of the privileges listed above is irrevocable.

Send an email to [email protected] if you are dissatisfied with the manner in which we process personally identifiable data. We will evaluate and investigate your allegation and attempt to respond in a timely manner.