1Win Terms and Conditions

When using any online portal or service, it is very important to carefully examine and understand the terms and conditions (T&Cs) of said service. By scrutinizing a service’s terms and conditions thoroughly, you will be able to easily avoid any possible legal issues and also understand your rights as a user. Below, we outline the key points of the Terms and Conditions of 1Win India.

1Win Rules (T&Cs)

Main Provisions

Key terms that 1Win players must know:

  • Bet – agreement between the customer and the betting operator related to a certain outcome;
  • Outcome – final result of the sporting event(s) that was the subject of the game;
  • Client – betting firm customer;
  • Line – aggregation of events, their probable outcomes, coefficients, and the date and time after which the betting organization will cease accepting bets on certain betting markets;
  • Regular Time – standard time for a bout in this sport, excluding additional halves, overtime, etc.

The main provisions of our T&Cs are:

  • Processing facility data will determine the results of bets;
  • In case of winning, the betting participant should examine the validity of the recorded winning and tell the betting business has provided in the application their account number, date, time, event, amount, selected result, coefficient, and grounds for dispute;
  • If all events are correctly predicted, the client’s wager wins;
  • Whenever our coefficients are clearly incorrect, the bet will be computed using the real coefficient that matches that marker;
  • All disputes must be resolved by our legal team and are officially started once you formally submit your complaint;
  • Our company reserves the right to change certain provisions.

Main Rules of Bet Acceptance

  • The betting firm may restrict or raise the maximum bet and coefficients on any event or customer without notice or justification.
  • Bets on the same result or mixture of outcomes coming from a single player may be restricted by the betting firm.
  • After registration on the server and online confirmation, the bet is approved. No approved bets will be canceled or altered.
  • Bets must not exceed the customer account balance.
  • Placement of bets is only permitted before the kickoff. Live betting is an exception.
  • If a bet is canceled, money will be refunded.
  • Bets will be adjusted if they are computed incorrectly (e.g., due to incorrect outcomes).
  • All sports events will be considered postponed or canceled only if there is information about it in the official documents of the organizations running the events, on the official websites of the sports federations, etc.
  • If the customer intentionally misleads the betting company’s personnel about bet confirmation, winning payouts, event results, and other similar matters, the bet will be canceled.
  • Bets on known outcomes are void.
The main rules of betting at 1Win
Single and Express Bets at 1Win

Types of Bets

Players using 1Win India must be aware of the following types of bets:

  • Single – a bet on a specific outcome from any betting market. The winnings are calculated based on a wager’s sum and coefficient determined for this result.
  • Express – a bet on multiple specific outcomes from several betting markets. The winnings are calculated based on all coefficients of all picks. One losing pick renders the entire bet a loser.

Limitations of Inclusion of Certain Outcomes of The Event

Just one of the co-dependent outcomes may be staked. If two or more codependent picks are present in the same express, the lowest coefficient event is eliminated. Co-dependent outcomes are the ones in which one of the outcomes affects the other.

Bets from the market related to a team scoring penalty are lost if no penalty was awarded during normal time. Also, live bets from the “Next goal” markets are considered losing if no goals are scored.

Acceptance of Bets During the Match (Live Bets)

  • Live bets on main and auxiliary results are allowed.
  • Single in-play bets may be bundled in the same live express.
  • The live bet is accepted after server registration and online confirmation.
  • The betting firm is not accountable for errors in live-bet match outcomes. Clients must also consult independent sources.
  • Live bets cannot be altered.
1Win Live Bets
Resolving disputes in 1WIN

Match Results, Date and Time of Their Beginning, Settlement of Disputable Issues

When placing bets, betting results may be recalculated owing to betting provider errors. For bet calculation, the actual start time of events shall be approximately defined based on the official documentation provided by organizations responsible for the events. Our betting firm is not responsible for event delays.

1Win is also not accountable for league name or match duration errors (sports events). Line- and live-data are approximations. Clients must double-check sports event data via separate sources. All claims about an event’s outcome must be made within 10 days after its conclusion.

A client’s wager on a known (“fixed”) bet will be canceled. After a closed investigation, the betting business will reach a decision regarding future penalties. Bet-related activity will be halted until the decision is reached.

If a match participant refuses to enter the competition, all bets will be called off. If a team member does not participate, the bets on their individual performance will be settled with a coefficient of “1”.

Settlement of disputable issues falls solely on the betting firm. Additional information about the settlement of bets under specific circumstances can be found in the expanded T&Cs.

Amendment of Conditions

We may alter the Agreement for economic, legal, or client-service reasons. The website lists key Agreement provisions and start dates. The Customer is personally responsible for studying the Agreement. 1Win may make changes to the website at any moment without notifying customers.

If the Client disagrees with any Agreement amendments, they must discontinue using the website. Any continued usage of the internet site after the changed clauses of the Agreement take effect will be regarded as complete acceptance, regardless of whether the client received the notice or learned of the revisions through the updated Agreement.

Right of Demand

Anyone under 18 or any age (hereinafter referred to as the Allowed Age) required for legal gambling in any country is forbidden from using the internet site. The Agreement forbids minors from using our service. Thus, we may demand age verification documentation. If the Client cannot show evidence of their age, we may deny services and deactivate their account.

Multiple territories banned online gambling. By accepting the Agreement, the Client acknowledges that we cannot guarantee or offer legal advice on the legality of using the service in any country where the Client is situated. 1Win’s services may violate the Client’s jurisdiction’s laws. The Client chooses to utilize the site’s services at their own risk and under their own responsibility.

Also, we do not plan to offer services that violate local laws. By accepting the Agreement, the Client warrants that their usage of the site conforms with local legislation. Illegal usage of services is not our responsibility. Legally, we cannot accept clients from multiple countries, including:

  • USA,
  • Canada,
  • United Kingdom,
  • Spain,
  • North Korea.

No wagers will be accepted from individuals who are:

  • Actual participants of the sporting events available for wagering;
  • Representatives of other betting websites;
  • Intentionally breach User Agreement;
  • Engaging in fraudulent activity, including multi-account scamming, bonus system abuse, etc.
1Win player requirements
Verification of 1Win account


An account is needed to access the website’s core functions. For this, the Client may complete a “1-click” registration or enter their e-mail address, create a password, and submit their personal data, including name, phone number, and birth date. Clients must register with a legitimate email address or add it if they utilize 1-click registration. We may ask for Client IDs to verify information. If the Client cannot supply the needed papers for identification, we may suspend or ban their account until they do. By creating an account with our site, you confirm that all the information provided was truthful. Non-compliance may result in account limits, discontinuation, or cancellation of payments.

The documents used for verification include:

  • IDs (copies of a valid national identification card and/or payment cards);
  • Proof of residence (recent utilities bill, no older than 90 days);
  • Bank statement pertaining to a payment mechanism employed (no older than 90 days).

The Client must keep their login credentials and passwords private after creating a new account. “Restore password” can help you recover account access details. The Client is solely responsible for password protection and ongoing account transactions. Third-party damages will also be the Client’s responsibility. The Client shall report the betting firm promptly of any hacking incident or illegal account access. The Client must prove unlawful access occurred. The betting business is not responsible for Client damages caused by any third parties.


To place a wager on the website, the customer must deposit a minimum amount of funds into their betting account. The Customer affirms and agrees that:

  • Any money funds placed on the betting account were not received in a criminal or outlawed manner;
  • The Client will not refuse any executed transfers, would not refuse to acknowledge and revoke any performed payments that may result in the repayment of funds to a 3rd party and permit them to avert potential obligations;
  • We do not accept funds from any external parties, including acquaintances, family members, or business associates. The Client shall be obligated to pay the money funds only using a financial account, bank card, or system listed in the Client’s name;
  • In specific instances of a bank transfer request to return the fund to their rightful owner, all fees and charges shall be borne by the recipient;
  • We do not take monetary payments. We may use different institutions engaged in the processing of electronic payments or any financial institutions for electronic payments, including incoming payments and payments to the Clients;
  • The Client agrees not to deny, revoke, or suspend any transfer of funds with the participation of their account;
  • If we suspect that the Client’s account was refilled fraudulently, we reserve the right to suspend the Client’s account, revoke all payments, and extract any earnings;
  • We shall be permitted to use any positive balance on the Client’s account to refund any financial obligation that the Client due to the betting company;
  • The Client acknowledges that the online gambling account doesn’t qualify as a savings account;
  • In order for us to successfully process your withdrawal, all requirements must be met.
Payments at 1Win India
Anti Fraud 1Win

Collusion, Misleading Actions, Fraud and Criminal Activity

The betting company discourages group wagering from a single IP address or network nodes, as well as wagering by agreement — in collaboration. These actions could be considered conspiracy, deceit, and manipulation.

The wagering company is not liable for the time at which it became fully cognizant of the fact that the wager was placed in contravention of the regulations. We reserve the option of closing accounts as well as:

  • Nullifying all transactions and repossessing deposited funds;
  • Requesting the restitution of all profits, bonuses, and funds obtained through conspiracy.

The following categories of conduct are explicitly forbidden, and their performance constitutes a direct violation of the Agreement:

  • Sharing of data to any private entity;
  • Unlawful actions: scams, use of pernicious applications or bots and exploitation of flaws in the Website source code;
  • Fraudulent doings, including the use of stolen, duplicated, or otherwise fraudulently acquired banking or debit card info to refill the account;
  • Involvement in illegal activities, money laundering, and other activities which could result in criminal justice penalties.

We reserve the right to halt, terminate, or rescind payments or earnings associated with bonus money if we suspect that the Client has abused them. We also reserve the right, without advanced warning, to deny Clients access to our website or 1Win app and to deactivate their profiles should they be suspected of engaging in potential fraud. In such circumstances, we shall not be responsible for the repayment or recompense of any funds on the accounts of these kinds of Clients.

Breach of Conditions

The Client agrees to indemnify, support, and uphold the interests of the sportsbook company, its associates, personnel, and execs in case of possible allegations, responsibility, expenditures, damages, and costs resulting from the following:

  • Client’s violation of terms of the Agreement;
  • Client’s violation of statutory provisions and rights of any third party;
  • Use of the services of the Website by a different individual using the Client’s personal details, regardless of the Client’s consent (including seizure of earnings attained in this manner).

If the Client violates the terms of the Agreement, we shall have the right to:

  • Alert the customer that they have violated the conditions of their contract and insist that they immediately cease any proscribed actions;
  • Instantaneously deactivate the Client’s account;
  • Disable the Client’s account without advanced warning;
  • Remove from the Client’s account the total of reimbursements, winnings, or bonuses earned as a consequence of the violation.

If the Client fails to comply with any provision of the Agreement, we reserve the right to revoke their login information and password.

Consequences of breach of terms and conditions in the bookmaker 1Win

Our copyright as well as other proprietary rights shall be applicable to the entirety of the Website’s content. The usage or duplication of trademarks, brand names, logos, and other promotional materials distributed on the Website is barred unless we give our express permission.