What is AML?

The term “anti-money laundering” (AML) refers to rules and regulations that are enacted with the intention of preventing fraudsters from passing off monies acquired unlawfully as lawfully earned revenue. In the sportsbetting sector, anti-money laundering regulations have grown more stringent due to the significant influx of online players, coupled with the growing prevalence of online black-market betting.

We are an international company that operates in a number of nations, including India, offering high-quality services related to sports and casino betting. We recognize the gravity of the situation and make every effort to adhere to the anti-money laundering and globally recognized security standards and laws.

1Win Anti-money laundering
1WIN Casino User Obligations

Customer Obligations while using 1Win

You accept these responsibilities when you set up an account on our site or 1win app and agree to fulfill them as follows:

  • You confirm that you will be in compliance with all applicable regulations and laws that pertain to the prevention of money laundering and the countering of the funding of terrorism, which include but are not exclusive to 1win AML Policy;
  • You affirm that you have no information or reason to believe that the funds utilized in order to replenish your account, in the past, present, or future, have been acquired from an illegal source or are associated with or in any way linked to financial fraud or other illicit behavior that is forbidden by existing legislation or the guidelines of any international bodies;
  • You also agree to supply us with any data that we ask for in a timely manner, regardless of whether or not we believe it is necessary to demand it in order for us to conform with the anti-money laundering legislation and regulations that are currently in effect.

1Win AML Rules

AML compliance is subject to different regulations from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Please read these “Anti-Money Laundering Rules” to gain a better understanding of the rules that apply to Indian players. The key AML rules at 1Win India include:

  • We maintain records of all of the financial operations that occur within your account, as well as the identity papers you provide;
  • We are capable of tracking any questionable activity taking place in the User’s account, as well as any monetary transactions that meet certain criteria;
  • We retain the right to decline the User’s request to carry out a transaction anytime and at any stage if we have grounds to suspect that the operation is in any way associated with financial fraud or other illegal conduct;
  • We are not required to tell the User that their behavior has been referred to the appropriate governmental bodies because, in accordance with worldwide regulations, we are not required to warn the User that their behavior is suspicious;
  • In accordance with 1Win internal AML policy, we reserve the right to do initial and continuing identification checks on Users, adjusting these checks to the amount of possible risk posed by each User;
  • We will ask for the minimum necessary information from you in to confirm your identity;
  • Data and documents validating your identity will be collected and archived by us, as well as details concerning the techniques used to confirm your legitimacy and the outcomes of such assessments;
  • Your identity will be checked against a list of people suspected of being terrorists that have been prepared by approved governmental and independent entities. The basic requirements of personally identifiable information comprise of the following: the first and second name of the customer, the customer’s birth date, the customer’s physical or registration address, and the source of the finances that are going to be placed into the account on the website;
  • It is possible that we will request the following documents from the User in order to validate and assess the validity of the aforementioned data: Passport or identity card, or another document that may replace them. It must also satisfy the following conditions: it has been issued by the client’s home country, it includes the full name, date and place of birth, and picture of the document’s holder, it has been recognized by the country of origin.